Andres Gonzalez (AG) Rojas is an artist living, working, and telling stories in and of Los Angeles. His focus is on an attempt to re-educate himself and others through new forms of visual storytelling.

David Gonzalez Rojas is an architect practicing to create unique and meaningful buildings that enrich people’s experience of space and light. A few years ago he founded WAREXAUS, pronounced “warehouse,” a full service Los Angeles based firm.  

Museum Towers

When the owners of this tiny 2,814 SF but very steep upslope lot in Mt. Washington asked us to design a new single-family residence with an attached ADU and 2-Car garage it was evident we needed to approach the challenge creatively. The max allowable area was 1,407 SF so we employed the use of 3 open-to-the-sky courtyards to enlarge the experience from space to space. The circulation through the spaces oscillates between interior and exterior multiple times before reaching the top tower, most notably in the ascension to the 4th level via the corner wrapping exterior steps on the front façade.

The play between volume and void generated vertical forms that appear archaic and monolithic emphasized by the rough vertically striated plaster to create a sense that the structure is carved into the hill.

Four large windows that can each be used as reading nooks pop out of the towers with views of the surrounding natural environment that this hillside neighborhood is known for.


On the main residential level courtyard, a layout was created with custom shaped clay color concrete tiles that reinforce the connection of the home to the earth and to the Southwest Museum at the bottom of the street.

David Gonzalez Rojas, Olga Oreshkina, & Jesse Madrid

General Contractor: 
BM Construction

Structural & Civil Engineer:
Thang Le & Associates

Geotechnical Engineer:
Irvine Geotechnical

Energy Consultant:
Alternative Energy Systems

Taiyo Watanabe, Olga Oreshkina, David Gonzalez Rojas