Andres Gonzalez (AG) Rojas is an artist living, working, and telling stories in and of Los Angeles. His focus is on an attempt to re-educate himself and others through new forms of visual storytelling.

David Gonzalez Rojas is an architect practicing to create unique and meaningful buildings that enrich people’s experience of space and light. A few years ago he founded WAREXAUS, pronounced “warehouse,” a full service Los Angeles based firm.  

The Meteor

The Meteor is a hybrid between a staircase and a reading nook; it explores the recurring concept in our office of The Visitor, the outsider entity. The form is a result of the parameters of a guardrail and the transition between private and public space within an open Live/Work warehouse space.

Although we planned the lighting inside the nook we were surprised in the evening when the light was filtered by the steps of the stairs and projected on the wall like rays from the sun.
The finish siding is hardwood flooring that was picked up from a house that was being demolished in the Valley. It was painted a solid color to reinforce the faceting geometry. 

The Meteor is one of a few interventions we added into this warehouse space, which included a moving storage unit on wheels and a cantilevering plank. 
Jesse Madrid, David Gonzalez Rojas, Sareen Proudian